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Legierung Preis pro Gramm
333'er/8 Karat 16.85* €
375'er/9 Karat 18.98* €
585'er/14 Karat 29.61* €
750'er/18 Karat 37.96* €
900'er/21 Karat 45.55* €
999'er/24 Karat 50.62* €
Zahngold mit Zahn/gelb 15.00* €
Zahngold ohne Zahn/gelb 30.00* €
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Legierung Preis pro Gramm
800er 0.38* €
835er 0.40* €
925er 0.44* €
999er 0.48* €
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Legierung Preis pro Gramm
950er 22.00* €
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Our iPhone / iPad App GoldAnkauf

This iPhone - iPad App GoldAnkauf enables you to call our daily purchase rates for gold, silver and platinum and determine your gold's value with our gold calculator.

We are an owner-managed business in the city of Münster in Westphalia, dealing with the purchase of gold, silver, platinum, watches, diamonds and high-quality jewellery.

To the download: Goldankauf App for iPhone and iPad

This is what the app looks like:

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iPhone App and iPad App to purchase gold, silver and platinum - App-Abbildung-2