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Legierung Preis pro Gramm
333'er/8 Karat 18.84* €
375'er/9 Karat 21.22* €
585'er/14 Karat 33.11* €
750'er/18 Karat 42.45* €
900'er/21 Karat 50.94* €
999'er/24 Karat 56.60* €
Zahngold mit Zahn/gelb 17.00* €
Zahngold ohne Zahn/gelb 33.00* €
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Legierung Preis pro Gramm
800er 0.44* €
835er 0.46* €
925er 0.51* €
999er 0.55* €
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Legierung Preis pro Gramm
950er 22.00* €
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Legierung 333/8 Karatca. Gramm

Legierung 585/14 Karatca. Gramm

Legierung 750/18 Karatca. Gramm

Legierung 900/21.6 Karatca. Gramm

Zahn- bzw. Dentalgold ohne Zahnca. Gramm

Zahn- bzw. Dentalgold mit Zahnca. Gramm

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*The prices indicated are final. VAT is not included due to difference taxation purs. to §25a UstG.
Are you looking to sell your gold bracelets, colliers, rings, old gold, coins, dental gold or other pieces of jewellery?
It is easy to determine the approximate weight with kitchen scales and enter it in our precious metal calculator. You will receive the approximate purchase price of Goldankauf in Münster at once.
Of course, we will determine the precise weight with calibrated gold scales at our shop!
Our purchase prices for gold are updated on every trading day (possibly several times a day). They can be called from our website goldankauf-weber and are posted in our business rooms in Königsstrasse 15 in Münster.